Stocking stuffers

…of the blogging variety, that is.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or keep up with BookRiot, you may have thought my long-dormant blog meant I wasn’t writing anything at all. Several weeks ago I began a series on the site, “Read This Then That,” pairing contemporary novels with classics. The match-ups so far:

I promise this work hasn’t been keeping me away from bibliographing, and it won’t in future. And do let me know if there’s any contemporary work you particularly think I should read!

4 comments to Stocking stuffers

  • So far these have been an impressive high-wire act. Each one has surprised me. I guess the Treasure Island one was not so surprising.

    Having read Glaciers now, I am convinced that differences in quality or significance between the books should be no obstacle. You are just pointing out these interesting links. That was a good match.

  • I’m really glad the match-up worked for you. I was nervous! But I agree with everything you write here. And it’s a very fun game for me to play! Some, like Treasure Island, will be less surprising, and I will do them because sometimes I will decide they are Important. But I like mad puzzles far too much to play this game entirely straight.

    What’d you think of Glaciers otherwise?

  • Pretty good. Occasional bizarre over-writing – the ocean’s “fractal plaintiveness”?

    The story about nostalgia and childhood and how it all effects the woman’s adult life was meaningful, and the story-telling theme was interesting. Her romantic troubles were generic. The library staff’s reaction to the call-up of a soldier on reserve status was a “Portlandia” moment.

  • Haha. Agreed on ALL points.

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