I’ll keep this short and sweet, if disappointing (at least for me). I’m going to be putting bibliographing on hiatus indefinitely. I hope to be back before too long, and that in the meantime I will at least be more of a presence on the blogs of all my wonderful readers. And don’t be too surprised if you see a post here or there—I’m not exactly the best at sticking to any kind of resolution, especially not difficult ones.

And now, I’m off to read Mardi. To Ravavai!

10 comments to bibliobreaking

  • Best wishes to you! :)

  • I will miss your posts and hope this is but a short break. I have been following you since I discovered the book blog world. Take care

  • I’m disappointed, too, Nicole, but I hope you at least have a restorative break. All best!

  • Mardi! Boy, you know how to take a break. How little they ween of the Rudimental Quincunxes, and the Hecatic Spherula!

    I am so glad you will still be around here and there.

  • Oh great, just when I’ve starting following your terrific blog. But one trusts that such hiatuses (hiati?) are always in the blogger’s best interests, and I wish you well, and look forward to your swift return.

  • What is it with 2012 and the hiatus of several of my favourite book bloggers? Feels like I’m missing a party somewhere. Take care and stay in touch.

  • Jim

    No! Don’t do it. I just discovered this blog. Come back soon!

  • Well, you’re at least so good as to make an announcement of your hiatus, unlike, um, me. :-) Hope it does you good & that I’ll see you around the blogosphere…

  • I’ve been a horrible commenter of late, but I still read each of your posts. Hoping your break is restful, and of course selfishly I hope that it’s short. Take care!

  • I will miss your great posts but totally understand. My indefinite hiatuses have been really good for me!