The Waves giveaway

The lovely Claire reminds us today to check back in on discussion of The Waves for posts recently added to the list—I went back through last night and some great stuff has been written (you know, other than my post).

So if all this talk of Woolf makes you want to read this lovely novel, perhaps you would like to benefit from the most truly bizarre UPS snafu I’ve ever heard of (whose details unfortunately cannot be revealed, to protect the privacy of a third party). I ended up with two copies of my edition (Claire, and others, take note: it is the Harcourt Harvest Book edition), and one could be yours! (Here’s the real question: do any of my readers not already have it, by now especially?)

If you are interested, please leave a comment to let me know. Worldwide is cool. I’ll take entries until 11pm CST on Friday, March 5, and, of course, choose a winner at random.

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