Kicking off 2666

I’ve read the first chunk of 2666 for the read-along and let’s just say Frances was right: I don’t think I will look back. I can’t yet say much about the narrator; my ideas are only murky and need more than 51 pages to develop. But I can already tell he’s going to be a favorite, and I’d say with at least 85% certainty that I’ll be reading not just more Bolaño but, um, all of it. (Can she really be saying this after 51 pages of a single book? Well, you never do know what will happen, but so far I love it.) The narrator is the main thing for me at this point, though I’m also loving the story about the critics. But how can you have this story without the critics without this narrator?

With such a slow schedule, I probably won’t post about this every week, only when I’ve really got something to say. But I’m looking forward to the forum and blog discussions and very pleased I decided to go ahead with this. (Clearly, you should listen to Frances about everything. She was right about Virginia Woolf, too.)

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  • Oregon Michael

    Hola Nicole!

    I do not read widely at all, but I felt the same way about Bolaño’s books when I first started reading him, and now I’ve read everything of his that’s been translated so far. There’s no turning back, and the rest is just as good! His collection of short stories Last Evenings on Earth is filled with great characters.

  • “Clearly, you should listen to Frances about everything.” I am drawing my husband’s attention to this statement right now. He has no comment. :) But it is gratifying that the reading experience is proving distinctive. Happy reading! Thanks for the kind words.