Sunday Salon

Sunday SalonI have a nice little bookstack to report on today, after a good Saturday excursion to Powell’s. Even better, I’ve already read two of the books I picked up, including Ethan Frome (finally!).
Bookstack 9/26

The Provost, on top there, was a bonus found in my mailbox on returning home. I don’t remember if I knew it was so small, but I’m glad; I’m feeling bruised and beaten by large books lately.

That does not include the other great Powell’s prize of the day, the very large but not very long The Three Incestuous Sisters by Audrey Niffenegger. I’ve been wanting to see this myself for ages, ever since hearing about it really and seeing some of the illustrations. I liked it, but I wasn’t amazed. But some of the aquatints are really lovely; I especially liked the ones that focused on objects and scenery rather than the sisters.

They lived together in a lonely house by the sea, near the lighthouse, miles away from the city.

They lived together in a lonely house by the sea, near the lighthouse, miles away from the city.

I was just in love with the gate in front of the house.

The courtship of Paris and Bettine.

The courtship of Paris and Bettine.

But, hrm. Well, Merriam-Webster tells me the third sense of “incestuous” is “excessively or improperly intimate or exclusive,” and that one applies, but is not quite what you’d expect from “incestuous sisters,” is it? Anyway, the illustrations were a bit hit-or-miss for me, though I really really liked the ones I liked, and the third section, on “Clothilde,” seemed like the weakest to me, especially with the return of the Saint.

Graphic novels (in this case, “visual novels”) so often seem to appeal but then disappoint me in the end. I’d like to get Britten and Brülightly, though, perhaps to try out next (“next,” ha, I think my average is something like one every 18 months).

3 comments to Sunday Salon

  • Great finds. I remember reading Ethan Frome in high school. I’ll have to search that one out and reread.

    I’ve never read a graphic novel – I keep meaning to try one, but haven’t gotten around to it.

  • Hey, that’s where I bought The Provost, maybe six or seven years ago.

  • Lovely books – I’ve hesitated in bookshops before over the Niffenegger and always (until now) come away empty-handed. I’ve never read a graphic novel of any kind, although I am thinking of getting the Watchmen for my son (who’s 14). I could read it over his shoulder then!

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