Sunday Salon

Sunday SalonAnother Sunday, another week without really catching up on my blogging backlog, or starting in for real on my next project. And another weekend away from home from which I return even more tired. Ugh.

I mentioned several weeks ago, in one of my Schopenhauer posts, that I’d been thinking/reading some about intellectual property rights recently, and I still am. On Friday I listened to a very interesting EconTalk with novelist Mark Helprin about his new book, Digital Barbarism. Sadly, I have still not read any of Helprin’s novels (Winter’s Tale sits accusingly on my shelf), but I do want to read this book. Sort of. That is to say, I don’t want to read it in isolation. I feel like I need to learn more about this area. Any suggestions?

Also, read another Kirsty Gunn this weekend, The Keepsake. So much darker than the other two I’ve read. Also the only one to take place almost entirely indoors; it really felt a bit stifling. Okay, time to try to sit down and be serious and do some real writing.

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  • From visiting the Blogosphere today, it seems many are having trouble concentrating on reading this week!

    You are not alone.