I simply must have more

I don’t think I will have time to post about In Hazard until next week, but I will tease you a little. John Crowley quotes Ford Madox Ford in his introduction to the NYRB Classics edition; apparently he told Richard Hughes:

I have seen one or two notices that quite miss all the points and resolve themselves into saying that it is or isn’t better than Typhoon. It isn’t, of course, better than Typhoon. Typhoon was written by a great writer who was a man. In Hazard was written by someone inhuman…and consummate in the expression of inhumanities.

For myself, I am considering making it my life’s mission to evangelize everyone I know, handing out copies of this and A High Wind in Jamaica on the street even. Or, you know, not, but if a single person does listen to me on this guy I will consider the blog generally worthwhile. Ford Madox Ford liked him too!

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  • what street are you going to be on??

    I googled them both and did a bit of reading about them. In Hazard sounds pretty interesting but I have to say that A High Wind in Jamaica just sounds weird. ;-)

  • Ha! I suppose Michigan Avenue would probably be most efficient…I reviewed A High Wind way back when and briefly wrote about the pirates too.

    I think some descriptions I’ve read of it give kind of a misleading impression—that it’s more fantastical than it really is. But it’s more like seeing the ugly real world through the fantastical lens of childhood. I liked this review a lot too.

  • verbivore

    I quite like the idea of handing out my favorite books on street corners and evangelizing authors I love…I’ll start walking up and down the trains with stacks of books and pamphlets about reading

  • Ok…not which train??

  • should have been “Ok, now which train?” …not “not” ;-)