Sunday Salon

Ah, solitude!

I had a great time with my visitor but without my usual reading wind-down time I was pretty cranky by yesterday afternoon. Poor CP had to put up with outrageous demands in re: Batman—but who can blame me for wanting to go see it a second time when there are so damn many attractive people and such an awesome storyline?

So I am slowly spending Sunday bringing myself back into the world of the literate. I’ve been reading some of the Coleridge, which is enjoyable but just so far outside what I usually read. That’s not a bad thing, I just feel like I have to get more deeply into it. I feel like I want a thunderstorm for better ambience too. This is not so much a beautiful summer weather book.

I have some freelance work to take care of this week but that shouldn’t stop me from getting some reading done. I plan to finish up the Coleridge (at least as much as I ever will for the Blog a Penguin Classic business), finish up Mythologies after putting it on hold last week, and possibly get back into my book of Moby-Dick criticism. Oh, and Alison requested comments on another one of the Canongate Myths series, hopefully I will get a chance to think about that as well. And I’m debating getting/reading The Gargoyle. Everyone’s writing about it, and I can’t decide whether I think I will enjoy it or not. The Times gave it a favorable review that actually makes it sound unappealing to me, but all the positive reviews I’ve read from bloggers make it sound fun. But I have to say the negative Entertainment Weekly review linked in The Book Lady’s Blog did quote some pretty bad sentences. Guess it’s not at the top of the pile!

Update: Silly me, I meant to leave you all with a little bit of a weekend poem and forgot. From “Quae Nocent Docent”:

Oh! might my ill-passed hours return again!
No more, as then, should Sloth around me throw
Her soul-enslaving, leaden chain!
No more the precious time would I employ
In giddy revels, or in thoughtless joy,
A present joy producing future woe.

Now get reading!

6 comments to Sunday Salon

  • readerville

    Oh, don’t let those sentences taken out of context deter you. It’s a beautiful book, and it all makes sense when you’re in the middle of it. I promise.

  • Alison

    That review leaves me totally uninspired to read the novel, though I laughed by ass off at the line “Is Dante’s hell, once Marianne begins leading her centuries-old lover on a hallucinatory guided tour, really so full of different typefaces?” Too bad Maslin did the review instead of Kakutani because if she liked it I wouldn’t bother…

  • Yeah I have been trying to remember if I usually agree or disagree with Maslin. Honestly I don’t even remember anymore.

    readerville, your review was one of the things that most made me want to read it to begin with. I think I will check out the first chapter or so at a bookstore or library and see what I think.

  • Alison

    Eh I doubt its a problem with your memory — Maslin either picks or is assigned to review is the bigger issue.

  • I am so glad I’m not the only one who gets grumpy hen her reading routine is disturbed. There is a great difference between solitude and loneliness. The former is one of the most blissful states there is.

  • Agree one of the reasons for reading is the chance to have some time alone with thoughts. My Sunday Salon Post